Vymaanika Shaastra or Science of Aeronautics by Maharishi Bharadwaaja


Vymaanika Shaastra

Just like the Nazi UFO’s, the Vedic flying machines dwell somewhere in the realms between apocryphal technology and the occult. The work Vymaanika Shaastra has been ascribed to the sage Maharshi Bharadwaaja.

Maharshi Bharadwaaja is known to be a scholar both in science, philosophy, cosmology and warfare. The work on ancient Vedic flying machines was channelled by Pundit Anekal Subbaraya Shastry to a Sanskrit scholar, Sri G Venkatachala Sharma and translated into English by G. R. Josyer. The Vedic flying machines were supposed to be capable of the same flight manoeuvres as Hitlers’ flying saucers (VRIL Rundflugscheiben).

The 102nd Indian Science Congress, held at the Mumbai University in January 2015, organised a session on “ancient sciences through Sanskrit” in which a presentation on Vaimānika Śāstra was included. It was delivered by Anand J. Bodas, a pilot, and Ameya Jadhav, who holds an M.A. in Sanskrit as well as an M.Tech. degree. Bodas, speaking to the news media, has said that the aeroplanes of Vedic times could fly not only from country to country, but also ‘from planet to planet.’ ‘In those days, aeroplanes were huge in size, and could move left, right, as well as backwards, unlike modern planes which only fly forward,’ he added. NASA was not amused with this Congress…


About the author

Maharshi Bharadwaaja is known to be a towering scholar both in science, philosophy and warfare. He is an important figure in the pantheon of Hindu sages, who recorded knowledge in the spiritual, intellectual and scientific fields. During his period, knowledge was transmitted word of mouth.

Maharshi Bharadwaaja is said to have passed from one Yuga to another. He is among the seven prime seers of Mythological era. Whether there were other seers by his name is not known. According to some scholars, Maharshi Bharadwaaja belonged to Thretha Yuga and to Dwapara Yuga to some others. He figures in the genealogy of Bruhaspati, the principal preceptor of all Hindu deities and his son being seer Bharadwaaja.

Read more about Maharshi Bharadwaaja and Vedic flying machines in the Post Scriptum of Vymaanika Shaastra.