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VAMzzz Publishing creates new and revised editions of books in the categories Magic & Witchcraft, Secret Rites & Societies, Demonology, Celtic & Mythology and Astrology.

As a publisher, we deeply respect the writer of any book we choose and strive to work our own kind of magic in such a way that it would put a smile on the author’s faces, should they be watching us from heaven. In most of our books we offer 'Post Scriptum', aditional information about the author and/or the subject.

VAMzzz is a shared passion of Sylvia Carrilho and Benjamin Adamah, built with combined expertise and founded on a mutual strong 'Lust for Life'.

VAMzzz Publishing is based in the centre of old Amsterdam, capital city of The Netherlands.


Apart from republications of valuable but forgotten books, we are also in the preparation of new publications on topics such as, new astrology, magic, healing and more. Please subscribe to our irregular newsletter for updates:


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VAMzzz Publishing
P.O. Box 3340
1001 AC Amsterdam
The Netherlands




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