VAMzzz Publishing

VAMzzz Publishing is located in the very heart of old Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. Sylvia is a graphic designer with two decades of experience in creating an attractive and effective layout for books and magazines. Benjamin works as a writer and has been a specialist in the occult for thirty years. With VAMzzz Publishing they join forces to produce books of superior quality, books that are a must-read for those interested in witchcraft and the occult, books that are written to inform and enchant. Plus… occult books and Gothic literature need to be read on paper.

VAMzzz Publishing is currently creating revised editions of several 'five star classics' from the past.
This creative couple strives to work its own kind of magic in such a way that it would put a smile on the author's faces, should they be watching them from heaven.

No e-books, but real books! 

Books in print on PAPER will soon appear in the categories: 

  • Magic,

  • Mysteries,

  • Paganism,

  • Dark Romanticism & Gothic,

  • Occult,

  • Witchcraft,

  • Occult Folklore.



VAMzzz Magazine

Do we dislike e-books? No, we don’t. We only conclude an e-book is not a suitable medium for every publication. In fact, we started our company with our free e-zine VAMzzz Magazine. Highly appreciated by readers in 80+ nations all over the world.

VAMzzz Magazine has its own mission. It is injecting a different and positive vibe in a world that is daily becoming harsher and more hostile to free individual expression. VAMzzz Magazine is about art, sex, love and the dynamics of our “Zeitgeist”. VAMzzz agitates against patronizing and seeks the beauty in every person.

Full editions are FREE online. For some editions you might need to log in or sign up (free) in order to access the full content. Enjoy and share the fun…